IN REAL LIFE: M. Night Shyamalan’s Library

Pottery Barn Inspired Library of director M. Night ShyamalanThe library above, photographed by Architectural Digest, belongs to writer/director M. Night Shyamalan. Creator of movies such as The Sixth Sense, Signs and The Village, Shyamalan is known for his smart thrillers and intricate mysteries. So it’s no surprise that his Philadelpia estate features an extensive home library, full of stories for inspiration and a massive antique writing table for brainstorming. AROHO loves the room’s light oak paneled walls and, especially, the winding staircase leading up to a second story of books. This is the type of place where you could get lost for hours.

We all may not have the luxury of living on a palatial 1937 Georgian Revival estate, located out in an idyllic countryside. But copying Shyamalan’s decorating style is actually quite simple. Just take a look through the Pottery Barn website, where you can find: a stunning, European-inspired, heavy wood table; leather covered desk chairs; a large Persian floor rug; and chocolate-colored velvet drapes, which are dark enough to keep the sunlight out while you peruse ghost stories by candlelight.

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ART: Vija Celmins

Vija Celmins Drawing Galaxy

Vija Celmins. Untitled (Galaxy), 1987. Etching. 11 x 13 1/2 inches. Edition of 10.

Tonight, AROHO is checking out the opening of a rather unique group exhibition at L&M Arts. Entitled “For the Martian Chronicles,” the show is a tribute to the late Ray Bradbury, writer of The Martian Chronicles, who once lived in a home on the Venice, California lot that the gallery now occupies. Bradbury, who passed away earlier this year, wrote much of the novel in this very spot. The exhibition will include extraterrestrial-inspired works by artists such as Ed Ruscha, Yves Klein, Larry Bell and Mike Kelley, to name but a few.

I expect “For the Martian Chronicles” will give AROHO plenty of ideas for furnishing the walls of the science fiction geek’s man cave. To start with, however, we’re highlighting one artist from the exhibition, Vija Celmins, whose prints and pencil drawings of the night sky are perfect for the cave of any star-gazer. The works depict a vast and mysterious galaxy, against which one can project any number of theories about life on other planets.

More of a surfer dude than a science fiction aficionado? Celmins is also known for her haunting seascapes, which would fit perfectly in the beach bum’s abode.

Vija Celmins Drawing Ocean

Vija Celmins. Untitled (Ocean with Cross #1), 2005. Screenprint. 23 1/2 x 28 1/2 inches. Edition of 108.

You can view available Vija Celmins works in galleries worldwide on Artnet.

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OBJECTS: Patriotic Pillows

Untitled #9

It’s election day and AROHO has voted! Tonight, we’ll be watching the results come in from the comfort of our couch at home, with the television on and a big pizza in front of us. So what better way to set the scene than by adding a few patriotic pillows to the couch for lounging? They’re comfy, they’re colorful and they’re versatile – you can break them out solely for elections and Independence Day or show off your American pride all year round. Continue reading

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OBJECTS: Vintage Games

Vintage Town Hall Bingo Man CaveAs the days get colder and the nights get longer, we’re all spending more time inside, looking for things to do while drinking hot toddies by the fire. Books are solitary, television gets tiring – and what’s an activity you can enjoy by candlelight, in the case that your power has gone out? Restoration Hardware has an idea: the antiques-inspired home furnishings store is now selling vintage editions of board games that are decidedly not for kids. Set in gorgeous wood cases, with pullout storage drawers and heavy metal timers, these games are as much for looking at as they are for playing. And the gang’s all here – from timeless classics like Scrabble and Monopoly, to the inimitable Chess and Checkers, to old school Bingo, Backgammon and Dominoes, to the perfect Poker set for Poker Night and the cult favorite Clue. Have a few more bucks to spend? Restoration Hardware also has the perfect foosball table. Its sleek shape is crafted out of wood and stainless steel, making it an enduring piece that can even be enjoyed outside when Springtime arrives.

Vintage Foosball Table Man Cave

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Zak + Fox sale on One Kings LaneThis Halloween we’re treating you to a very special sale on One Kings Lane. Why special? A few reasons. First, it’s curated by none other than our very dear friend Zak Profera of ZAK+FOX, the new-ish textile line whose inspiration is culled from global influences and tribal patterns. Never thought of throw pillows as a must-have for the man cave? Think again. Featuring strong geometric designs and earthy colors, ZAK + FOX fabrics make the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of decor, from the classic to the mid-century modern to the contemporary cave. And what guy wouldn’t love the story behind the company’s name, which alludes to the designer and his “fox,” a Shibu Inu named Shinji? Profera has explained the brand choice as, “I love the idea of a boy and his dog traversing the globe, unearthing ancient treasures, and bringing them back to modernity.”

This week’s One King’s Lane sale includes a wide selection of ZAK + FOX pieces, as well as antique items hand-picked by Zak himself. Check out the series of vintage lithographic prints from the late 19th century, depicting scenes from different countries. They’d be ideal in the office or library of any avid traveler like Profera.

Despite that love of travel, when he’s at home Profera resides in Lower Manhattan, where over the last 48 hours he has witnessed firsthand the destruction that hurricane Sandy has wreaked on the neighborhood. Because of this, he has decided to donate a portion of the sale’s proceeds to the Red Cross, making this event very special indeed.

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Mad Men Don Draper Man CaveFor a few seasons, we would have identified Don Draper’s man cave as his office at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency. Now, that he’s a newlywed living in the city, however, we turn to Draper’s new Manhattan apartment, which seems a natural extension of his office aesthetic. Indeed, it sports the same cool, clean Mid-century Modern lines that have always characterized this mad man’s personal style, and have by now definitively replaced the plaid and chintz of his suburban life with Betty. Draper’s new home life finally captures the look with which the show has most often been identified: neutral tones, space-age shapes, classic retro accents and a healthy dose of Scandinavian-inspired design. Suddenly chic again, the style has been almost single-handedly repopularized by Mad Men and the suave Don Draper himself, with his well-cut suits, brazen charm and penchant for Old Fashioneds. How do you turn your own space into a Don Draper-inspired man cave? You’ll need a stylish peg legged couch, the perfect recliner, sculptural table lamps, a colored glass pendant light, geometric patterned curtains, solid pillows and, of course, the perfect cocktail shaker and ice bucket. Now sit back and enjoy that pre-dinner drink.

How to decorate like Don Draper's apartment

1. Tiffany-style colored pendant light: Lamps Plus 2. Geometric drapes: Crate & Barrel 3. Stainless steel bar accessories: CB2 4. Sculptural table lamp: Crate & Barrel 5. Mid-century Modern peg leg couch: Dania Furniture 6. Mixed solid color pillows: Crate & Barrel 7. Eames lounge chair: Design Within Reach 8. Wrought iron and glass coffee table: Pier 1 Imports

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DIY: Beer Bottle Chandelier

Tabby Inc. Beer Bottle Chandelier Man CaveLast week, we posted about some of our favorite reclaimed hanging light fixtures. There were chandeliers made of globes and wine bottles, a milk crate and even books. This week, however, we’re challenging you to make your own chandelier out of empty beer bottles. After all, the timing’s just right for this do-it-yourself project: it’s the final week of October and what better way to celebrate the end of Oktoberfest than by drinking a case of your favorite beer…and then turning those bottles into a light? That being said, you can outfit this chandelier with any types of bottles you choose. Love whiskey? A total oenophile? The instructions are the same. To view a video of the DIY project, showing how to make a beer bottle chandelier for your man cave, click here. The original post that inspired this video, from the blog That House on the Corner, can be found here.

Not up to the task? Bar Lite will send you the structure for a pendant or chandelier, customized to your specifications…but you still have to supply the beer bottles. Do DIY projects get any more perfect than that? It’s all the fun and none of the work!

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IN REAL LIFE: Gilles Mendel’s Dining Nook

Gilles Mendel apartment New York City man caveThere’s a lot to love about Gilles Mendel’s New York apartment. First, its size: a mere 732 square feet, with only one bed and bath. Humble, intimate, petite – call it what you will, it’s decidedly small for a guy who is a world-renowned fashion designer. Second, its color palette: although Mendel lives with his longtime partner and muse, Kylie Case, she has allowed the designer to do what he does best – design. Because of that, the tones of their home closely match the black and white color palette of Mendel’s stores. The result is strong and sexy, amplified by a provocative mix of textures and materials, plus bold architectural shapes. Take, for example, Mendel’s dining nook, above, as photographed by Architectural Digest. Here, a custom-made marble tabletop gets paired with vintage J. L. Møller chairs, a show-stopping mod-inspired chandelier, dark stained wood flooring, floor to ceiling mirrors and massive windows with a view.

Men with any size of a room to work with can pick up space-saving tips from Mendel’s penthouse. But copying his aesthetic doesn’t come cheap. To outfit your own dining nook with comparable pieces, head over to Design Within Reach, the favorite store of the contemporary guy. There you’ll find Eero Saarinen’s classic dining table, Matthew Hilton’s Profile Chair, and Jason Miller’s Modo Chandelier, all of which make great (but still pricey) stand-ins for Mendel’s custom and vintage pieces. DWR sells Møller chairs, too, but unfortunately does not offer a black option.

Hungry for more? You can read more about Gilles Mendel’s personal style in GQ Magazine’s 10 Essentials interview.

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OBJECTS: Repurposed Lighting Fixtures

Monde à l’endroit, Monde à l’envers globe chandelierThis incredible globe chandelier, designed by French artist Benoit Vieubled, got us thinking about what other repurposed everyday objects would make great lighting fixtures for a man cave. Check out a few of AROHO’S favorite picks after the jump. Continue reading

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ART: Wade Guyton

Wade Guyton Friedrich Petzel

Wade Guyton is having his moment: a mid-career survey at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art, which proposes Guyton as one of the most important artists of his generation. He is, undoubtedly, an artist of his time. Guyton has openly expressed his disdain for the task of drawing and, because of this, has turned to the computer as the medium through which to create his art. Continue reading

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