Emily Fox Writer A Room of His Own


A Room of His Own was written and created by Emily Fox. Emily is a writer, editor and art reviewer based in Los Angeles.

Please send all comments, questions or other feedback to her at emily@aroomofhisown.com.



As its title implies, A Room of His Own is all about spaces designed specifically for men. Using real life man caves and classic film sets to demonstrate different styles, we point out the essential pieces in each room, then scour the internet for look-alike furniture and accessories, linking users directly with online retailers.

Other types of posts include highlighted objects, furniture and art, do-it-yourself projects, and weekly buying recommendations for online flash sales. All products are chosen specifically to work within a masculine aesthetic.

The website also has an online store (currently in progress) with vintage items perfect for furnishing a modern man’s cave.


Man caves are having their moment. So much so, in fact, that the phrase officially joined the Mirriam-Webster dictionary in August 2012. The idea of dedicating a room solely to a male’s own tastes and pursuits – be it an office, garage, or entire pied-a-terre – is not necessarily a new one. Yet it’s being revisited today with increasing frequency in films, magazines and programs on design channels. The storyline traditionally goes that women rule the roost and men watch hopelessly from the sidelines as their own tastes and preferences get left behind – relegated, at best, to an attic, garden shed, or tiny closet. No matter how big or small, that cherished piece of real estate subsequently becomes the one and only free space in the house for the male member of the family to express himself.

So what does he do with this man cave? With this square inch of freedom? Somewhere along the line, the idea of a man cave became synonymous with bad style, with a certain cheese factor or an aura of tackiness. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As men begin defining their own style and taking the decorating reins into their own hands, the opportunity opens for design services that cater specifically to the male demographic. And it’s with this in mind that A Room of His Own was created.


You can follow A Room of His Own on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress.

All products featured on the site can be bought via the internet, through major retailers or soon in the AROHO shop.


Posts occur several times throughout the week. Once live, the shop will be updated as soon as new items come in and are available for sale.


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