Every man deserves a room of his own. For some, it may be the garage or the tool shed. For others, a converted basement. The sportsman may enjoy camaraderie at his clubhouse, while the workaholic may take refuge in his office, either in-home or away. An old fashioned gentleman prefers a formal library or drawing room for after-dinner cigars. A modern man dreams of an entertainment room for his big screen t.v. and collection of high-tech gadgets. For bachelors, the entire home can be a man cave. For attached men, sometimes a closet or private bathroom is all they get.

Having space to oneself is a luxury for some, and a vital essential for others.Whatever it is for you – no matter how much square footage you have to work with, no matter what style you want or what budget you have – A Room of His Own is here to help. We assist men with identifying the type of “man cave” or “mantuary” they desire and giving them the tools to create it.

Uncertain where to begin? You can always search by category, viewing a variety of caves within a shared aesthetic. You can also browse for specific posts: objects and furniture, art, DIY projects or flash sales. Still undecided? Visit the “Which Cave Type Are You?” section off the homepage, where you can read about different male archetypes and their signature cave styles.

We’d love it if you joined us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr as well. You can also email Emily directly with any questions, comments, suggestions or about possibilities for partnership.

Don’t forget to check out our shop (coming soon) for vintage products perfect for the modern man’s cave.

Happy Caving!


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