DIY: Pipe Bed

DIY Pipe Bed

Animals hibernate in winter, but for us it’s a little more complicated. We’ve still got jobs and responsibilities to fulfill and no opportunity for a months-long nap. Nevertheless, our instinct is the same. Winter for us is characterized by slow mornings with more snooze button hits than usual and entire weekends spent inside as we hide from gusty winds and frigid temperatures outdoors. Since we’re logging all this extra time curled up under the covers, our bed suddenly seems more important than usual. Need an upgrade but spent all your cash over the holidays? This week’s do-it-yourself project is the perfect solution.

It’s an industrial chic bed frame made from pipes that would look right at home in a number of interiors: a loft or converted garage space, as well as any other mix of classic, contemporary and eclectic designs. Simple to put together and coming in at under $300, what could be a better addition to your cave during the cold season? You can see the instructions for this DIY project on the Simplified Building Concepts blog here.

And a special shout-out to one of our favorite blogs, Remodelista, who first alerted us to the project!

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