ART: The Gagosian Gallery Shop

Damien Hirst Signed Poster Gagosian Gallery

Damien Hirst. Beautiful Inside My Head Forever (Gold) Poster (Signed), 2009. Litho print. 33 1/8 x 23 3/8 inches.

Today marks the opening of Art Basel Miami, one of the most celebrated art fairs in the world and by far the biggest and brightest of all those held in the United States. The entire city of Miami transforms for the event, with a week-long schedule of parties, panel discussions, performances, gallery exhibitions, museum openings and a long list of competing satellite fairs. To get into the art world spirit, and with this being the season for holiday gifts, we’re focusing today on the Gagosian Gallery Shop. Gagosian Gallery, an exhibitor at Art Basel Miami, is an icon. With three locations in New York City, two galleries in Paris, two in London, and others in Rome, Geneva, Athens, Beverly Hills and Hong Kong, there is no doubt that Gagosian is a top player, if not the king, of the art world. So how does one gain access into this elite world? Lucky for us, the gallery has an extensive shop that, along with featuring limited editioned pieces and price-upon-request originals, also offers more affordable items. From stocking stuffers to prints, AROHO picks our favorite purchases for your man cave this December.

Damien Hirst Spot Print with Bronze Dust

At the top of the post is a signed poster by Damien Hirst for $300. Hirst is another art world superstar and its often maligned bad boy. We love this poster because it captures the whole spectrum of Hirst’s work, from his spot etchings to his medicine cabinets, his butterfly pieces, his spin paintings and his animal carcasses suspended in formaldehyde. Want to upgrade to an limited edition print? You can get the spot silkscreen, above, which features bronze dust and is signed and numbered out of 150, for $5,300.

Takashi Murakami Mr. Bad Things Stuffed Toy

Takashi Murakami. Waruikoto-kun (Mr. Bad Things). Plush. 11 1/2 x 4 3/4 x 2 inches (29 x 12 x 5 cm). © Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Another international superstar is Takashi Murakami, whose work blends Japanese pop culture and historically traditional visual practices, utilizing the tropes of anime, cosplay and the “superflat” aesthetic. His creepy characters, like Waruikoto-kun (Mr. Bad Things) are easily identifiable as classic Murakami. This winter, you can snuggle with the little plush toy monster for $85.

Crash Catalogue Gagosian Shop

Building a collection of catalogues is an easy – and affordable – way to create an art-filled home. We suggest for your library: 2010’s Crash catalogue, priced at $100. Named for the eponymous novel by JG Ballard, the 2010 exhibition featured work by major contemporary artists who had either inspired Ballard or had, in turn, been inspired by his writing. These include luminaries such as Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol and Edward Hopper, current superstars Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha and Gerhard Richter, and other trending artists such as Carsten Höller, Jake & Dinos Chapman and the recently deceased Mike Kelley. Ballard called his novel Crash “fiction for the present day” and Gagosian Gallery notes its “dystopian depictions of the present and future, its bleak, man-made landscapes and the recounting of the psychological effects of technological, social and environmental developments on humans.” Lighthearted reading for the new year!

Gregory Crewdson Sanctuary Photograph from Cinecitta Studios Rome

Gregory Crewdson Sanctuary Photograph from Cinecitta Studios Rome Gregory Crewdson. Sanctuary (Untitled III), 2010. A limited edition artwork consisting of a cloth-bound copy of the artist’s monograph, Sanctuary, 2010, and a production still. Encased in a specially designed box, the edition is signed and numbered on the colophon. 3 series of images (Untitled I, Untitled II, or Untitled III), each an edition of 50. Each still: 11 x 14 inches.

Looking to treat yourself? A film buff? Love Italian history? We are big fans of Gregory Crewdson’s photographs from Rome’s infamous Cinecittà studios. Originally founded by Mussolini, the studios are an emblem of Italian cinema, most closely associated with the masterful Italian director Federico Fellini, but also the site of filming for American classics such as Ben-Hur. Crewdson’s photographs depict the studios on an eerie, fog-filled day, entirely devoid of life.  The small print comes in a box with his monograph for $1,500 and there are three images to choose from. Buying packages like this is one of the best ways to start purchasing serious art by big names with modest funds.

Gagosian Gallery pencilsPinching pennies this year? That’s just fine! Aspiring artists and art dealers alike will receive inspiration from these fun Gagosian pencils, which make sweet stocking stuffers. The pencils are $1.50 a pop.

And this last one’s for the nerds: check out our previous post on Tom Sach’s SPACE PROGRAM project, wherein the artist recreated the American lunar landing inside of Gagosian’s Beverly Hills gallery space. A set of photographic stills from the incredible performance and ready-made objects are also available on the Gagosian Gallery shop, for $1,500 and $250, respectively.

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