DIY: Factory Cart Coffee Table

Factory Cart Industrial Coffee TableThere’s no question about it: the industrial look is trending right now. That vintage, stripped down utilitarian aesthetic featuring basic materials like wood, iron and concrete has transitioned out of the realm of flea market finds and into your nearest major furniture retailer. Exhibit A is the handsome Factory Cart Coffee Table, above, from Restoration Hardware. With unfinished wood and clunky, old fashioned wheels, the piece is based on early 1900s factory transportation systems, which would have used such contraptions to carry large items from one area to another. While it may have that antique pedigree, at $995 there’s no doubt that the Restoration Hardware table is sold at modern-day prices.  With that in mind, AROHO went searching to find out how to turn this popular piece into a do-it-yourself project.Enter Ana White, author of The Handbuilt Home and a DIY pro. Ana’s blog had just the detailed instructions we were looking for to help us recreate the Restoration Hardware look at only a fraction of the price. You can copy her project here.

Not up for so much hard labor? The easiest DIY version of this coffee table is even simpler: all you have to do is purchase a slab of wood and attach it to a set of wheels. With a prime piece of wood or a good stain, this project can still look great despite paring down on some of the details. Just make sure to buy large wheels, so that your table is elevated far enough off the ground. We found lots of affordable wood we liked at the appropriately named website Big Wood Slabs, while a set of wheels are easy to pick up at The Home Depot.

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