OBJECTS: For the Man Who Has Everything

Extravagant Watch Winder Man CaveAt AROHO, we’re all about the deal, the steal and the DIY project. And as the holiday season launches into full force, we’ll be posting plentifully on the site about our picks for affordable end-of-year purchases and gifts. Today, however, is not one of those days. Today, we’re dreaming big, asking a different question: If money were no object, what would you buy the guy who has everything? Really, absolutely everything? Well, maybe that strange looking object pictured above.

Go ahead and file this one in the shockingly extravagant gift category: it’s the Döttling Gyrowinder, a high-tech…uh…watch winder. Yes, you read that correctly. Inspired by Florida’s Kennedy Space Center and their training devices for astronauts, the Gyrowinder, according to its website, “is the first [watch winder] to enable completely free rotation of the watch in every direction – including a complete rollover – which is the closest one can get to wearing the watch on the wrist.” This feat is achieved using a system of weights and counterweights, which are tailored to the specifications of the watch itself.

Okay, so there’s no doubt that the contraption is cool looking: One needs only to view the video to experience the winder’s mesmerizing qualities and any science nerd will appreciate the space program tie-in. But don’t you love that it takes a team of NASA scientists to come up with technology that mimics exactly what the human body naturally does? With a price tag starting at 11,800 Euros (currently equivalent to $15,324), to even begin justifying this gift you better have money to burn and an outrageously expensive collection of watches just lying around, crying out to be wound. Oh, and you should probably have non-functioning wrists. That would justify it, too.

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