SLIDESHOW: The Fall Fireplace

Classic Lodge Fireplace Man Cave

Nothing says Fall quite like a roaring fireplace. What serves as an unused architectural detail for most of the year suddenly becomes a vital part of the home and the centerpiece of any room. This cozy spot is the perfect place to read a long book, watch the game, daydream out the window at falling leaves or snow, hide from visiting relatives or enjoy a cup of spiked cider. With Thanksgiving upon us and Winter just around the corner, the fireplace is our new man cave essential. Below, AROHO picks some of our favorites.

Sleek Contemporary Fireplace Man Cave We love the classic Fall aesthetic: a rustic cabin in the woods or a ski lodge at the top of a mountain, with old stone walls, exposed beams, and a big roaring hearth. The image at the top of the post epitomizes this look, complete with an onlooking deer’s head hanging above the fireplace. But that’s not the only way to go. Above, this sleekly contemporary concrete fireplace has definite sex appeal. Emerging as it does from the wall, with clean lines and streamlined materials, it would look perfect in a modern bachelor pad.

Fall Fireplace man caveAnother option? Going the industrial chic route with an exposed chimney flute. This updated version of a lodge showcases intricate architectural details and classic furniture design. The built-in shelving unit makes a small fireplace seem larger than it really is and provides practical wood storage. Another great Fall touch in the home? The dark painted, wood slatted walls, which lend a definite masculine vibe to the space.

Eames Fireplace man caveTalk about wood storage: the massive shelving unit in this room stretches from floor to ceiling and holds more kindling than you could use all year. It would be the statement piece of the space if there weren’t that awesome mid-century modern Eames fireplace to steal the spotlight. We love how it seems to float suspended from the roof.

Elegant Rustic Fireplace Man CaveGoing further back in time than just to the middle of the last century, this carved stone fireplace looks as though it belongs in a castle. While regal, the room retains a rustic aesthetic, with unfinished wood floors and a mix-and-match approach to decorating. Contemporary photography and a floating bookshelf get paired with a massive wood table, antique rocking chair and mid-century modern chairs.

Kitchen Fireplace Man CaveThink your man cave doesn’t have space for a fireplace? Think again. A hearth can work in any room and be of any size. Here, a small swath of kitchen counter has been transformed into a simple fireplace. Totally exposed, it possesses a great natural and laid-back quality.

Bathroom Fireplace Man CaveOr how about a fireplace in the bathroom? This has to be the epitome of luxury.

Rustic Bedroom Fireplace Man CaveA fireplace in the bedroom is a classic, and it’s the perfect ingredient for romance on cold nights. This one provides privacy for a lofted bed nook, which is tucked away behind.

Contemporary Fireplace Man CaveIn this home, the fireplace is the wall. With tucked away wood storage space and fireproof flooring, it’s utilitarian and basic, highly contemporary and completely unique.

Two Sided See Through FireplaceBest idea of all: why install a fireplace in one room when you can put it in two? This two-sided fireplace does double the duty and provides an extra amount of warmth.

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