OBJECTS: Patriotic Pillows

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It’s election day and AROHO has voted! Tonight, we’ll be watching the results come in from the comfort of our couch at home, with the television on and a big pizza in front of us. So what better way to set the scene than by adding a few patriotic pillows to the couch for lounging? They’re comfy, they’re colorful and they’re versatile – you can break them out solely for elections and Independence Day or show off your American pride all year round.

No matter which candidate you’re voting for, give a party shout-out with either the red Republican Elephant or blue Democratic Donkey pillow, above, from Crow’s Nest Trading Company. Rather be nonpartisan? How about Jonathan Adler’s colorful needlepoint pillow, below, which features stylized map of the United States.
Jonathan Adler Needlepoint USA PillowThose of you wishing to sport the stars and stripes have lots of options from a whole host of retailers, including traditional flag pillows available at our good old standby Pottery Barn. But we like taking a more unique approach. Go old school with this great find off of 1st Dibs: a giant lumbar pillow made out of a vintage 13-star flag. Thinking of American history from those first colonies up until today makes you realize just how far this country has come!Vintage American Flag Pillow 13 StarsFor the final touch, slip into our favorite Stubbs & Wootton Undecided Slippers, sit back and enjoy the show!

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