DIY: Pipe Bed

DIY Pipe Bed

Animals hibernate in winter, but for us it’s a little more complicated. We’ve still got jobs and responsibilities to fulfill and no opportunity for a months-long nap. Nevertheless, our instinct is the same. Winter for us is characterized by slow mornings with more snooze button hits than usual and entire weekends spent inside as we hide from gusty winds and frigid temperatures outdoors. Since we’re logging all this extra time curled up under the covers, our bed suddenly seems more important than usual. Need an upgrade but spent all your cash over the holidays? This week’s do-it-yourself project is the perfect solution. Continue reading

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OBJECTS: New Year’s Resolutions

Thanks to all our AROHO readers for your patience during the holiday hiatus! The month of January may be half over, but we’re still getting used to writing the date as 2013. Now’s the time when most people start letting go of the New Year’s resolutions they made just two weeks ago. Diets start getting harder to keep, gym memberships begin collecting dust…Rather than giving up on our best intentions, however, we’re seizing the opportunity to revisit them with a list of goals and the tools we’ll need to realize them.

1. Stay in touch. And not just on Facebook.

Letterpress Derbyshire Dashing Correspondence Card

There’s no better way to express gratitude or tell someone you miss them than with a handwritten card. Send out thank-yous for your holiday gifts or let a friend know you’d like to reconnect this year by putting in the effort to write them on monogrammed letterhead. We love the simple, refined stationary from Crane & Co.

2. Get organized.

ABC Carpet & Home Cast Aluminum Wall Boxes

The new year is a time to start fresh. Nothing feels better than a little pre-Spring cleaning and, with tax season upon us, there’s even more of a need to make certain everything’s filed away in the right place. It’s a boring task, so why not make things more interesting with new shelving like these industrial aluminum wall boxes from ABC Carpet & Home.

3. Be on time.

Dutch Twin Bell Nude Station Classic Alarm Clock

Winter tends to slow us down. It’s hard to get out of bed and even harder to go outside. In an effort to start our mornings fresh, this is the perfect time to purchase a new alarm clock – something effective enough to get us going, but subtle enough not to make us feel resentful. Enter the Karlsson Twin Bell alarm clock, featuring the classic alarm bell sound, but a toned down, neutral face.

4. Read more. And not on a smart phone.

Skate-Home Skateboard Bookshelf

With the offices shut down for the holidays and lots of quality time being spent with family and friends, the end of 2012 reminded us of the importance of unplugging. We miss the old days of ending our nights with a good book in our lap, not an iPhone in our hands. And what better way to pay tribute to our favorite tomes than by displaying them in the cool Backflip 3.0 bookshelf, which is built out of skateboards.

5. Make more memories.

35mm La Sardinia Lomography Camera
It’s true: we have high hopes for 2013. Travel, birthdays, time spent with loved ones…we don’t want to miss a moment. Digital cameras are great, but have you noticed that you never make the effort to print pictures out? That’s why we’re introducing Lomography’s La Sardinia 8Ball camera into our repertoire. Using traditional 35mm film (gasp!) it will ensure we have plenty of hard copy documentation of what we hope will be a phenomenal year – for ourselves and our readers!

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ART: Giving Gifts, Giving Back

William N. Copley Think American FlagReal men give back: they protect the weak, give to the poor and share their success and strength with others. And we can think of no better time to fulfill this duty than the holiday season. It’s a moment for coming together, celebrating blessings and reaching out to lift up those who are desperately in need. Looking for a place to start? These artworks make great last-minute gifts…and would look just right hanging in the man cave come 2013. They are also all benefit pieces for Hurricane Sandy relief. Continue reading

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OBJECTS: Gifts for the Man Cave

Man Cave Gifts for Christmas Hanukkah Holidays 2012

‘Tis the season to drop hints for loved ones about what you want in your man cave! Help out those gifting you by supplying them with a wishlist – or, better yet, treat yourself to one (or several) of the affordable, fun and masculine gifts above. Continue reading



James de Wulf Indoor Pool Table Man CaveWe’ve featured designer James de Wulf’s products on AROHO before. His concrete dining-turned-ping-pong table is a must-have on our man cave list and his periodic coffee table is one of our favorite picks for science nerds. Now you’ve got just one day left to swoop in on Gilt Home‘s great deals on James de Wulf furniture, including that aforementioned coffee table (50% off!) and the stunning concrete pool table, above. Hurry! Sale ends 12/8/12.

W Hotels Bedding Man Cave

Concrete too cold for you this season? Fall and winter are great times to spruce up your bedding. Gilt Home also hosts a sale this weekend on items from the W Hotels Bedding & Bath collection. Having stayed in a W Hotel or two, we know this stuff is good. Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your bedroom into the penthouse suite! These comfy threads have a crisp, clean and modern look to them that is timelessly classic. Sale ends 12/10/12.

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ART: The Gagosian Gallery Shop

Damien Hirst Signed Poster Gagosian Gallery

Damien Hirst. Beautiful Inside My Head Forever (Gold) Poster (Signed), 2009. Litho print. 33 1/8 x 23 3/8 inches.

Today marks the opening of Art Basel Miami, one of the most celebrated art fairs in the world and by far the biggest and brightest of all those held in the United States. The entire city of Miami transforms for the event, with a week-long schedule of parties, panel discussions, performances, gallery exhibitions, museum openings and a long list of competing satellite fairs. To get into the art world spirit, and with this being the season for holiday gifts, we’re focusing today on the Gagosian Gallery Shop. Gagosian Gallery, an exhibitor at Art Basel Miami, is an icon. With three locations in New York City, two galleries in Paris, two in London, and others in Rome, Geneva, Athens, Beverly Hills and Hong Kong, there is no doubt that Gagosian is a top player, if not the king, of the art world. So how does one gain access into this elite world? Lucky for us, the gallery has an extensive shop that, along with featuring limited editioned pieces and price-upon-request originals, also offers more affordable items. From stocking stuffers to prints, AROHO picks our favorite purchases for your man cave this December. Continue reading

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DIY: Factory Cart Coffee Table

Factory Cart Industrial Coffee TableThere’s no question about it: the industrial look is trending right now. That vintage, stripped down utilitarian aesthetic featuring basic materials like wood, iron and concrete has transitioned out of the realm of flea market finds and into your nearest major furniture retailer. Exhibit A is the handsome Factory Cart Coffee Table, above, from Restoration Hardware. With unfinished wood and clunky, old fashioned wheels, the piece is based on early 1900s factory transportation systems, which would have used such contraptions to carry large items from one area to another. While it may have that antique pedigree, at $995 there’s no doubt that the Restoration Hardware table is sold at modern-day prices.  With that in mind, AROHO went searching to find out how to turn this popular piece into a do-it-yourself project. Continue reading

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OBJECTS: For the Man Who Has Everything

Extravagant Watch Winder Man CaveAt AROHO, we’re all about the deal, the steal and the DIY project. And as the holiday season launches into full force, we’ll be posting plentifully on the site about our picks for affordable end-of-year purchases and gifts. Today, however, is not one of those days. Today, we’re dreaming big, asking a different question: If money were no object, what would you buy the guy who has everything? Really, absolutely everything? Well, maybe that strange looking object pictured above. Continue reading

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SLIDESHOW: The Fall Fireplace

Classic Lodge Fireplace Man Cave

Nothing says Fall quite like a roaring fireplace. What serves as an unused architectural detail for most of the year suddenly becomes a vital part of the home and the centerpiece of any room. This cozy spot is the perfect place to read a long book, watch the game, daydream out the window at falling leaves or snow, hide from visiting relatives or enjoy a cup of spiked cider. With Thanksgiving upon us and Winter just around the corner, the fireplace is our new man cave essential. Below, AROHO picks some of our favorites. Continue reading



Adirondack Cabin Sale Rustic Man Cave

On this cold and rainy Friday evening, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, AROHO is feeling in full Fall mode. And that’s why our attention was piqued when we spotted the Adirondack Cabin sale going on this weekend over at Joss & Main. Featuring rustic furniture, plenty of plaid and some great cold-weather favorites, it’s got everything a guy could possibly need for hibernating over the next few months.

The sale ends Tuesday 11/20/12.

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